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A girl who thinks she is so smart and can get away with anything, but unfortunately for her she is so stupid it's only a matter of time before she is going down to Trollville. Inserts herself in the lives of others and causes drama because she is nothing and will never be or have anything. A girl who wants to be a Hawkins and will sleep with anyone in the Hawkins family to try to become one.
Gwen not only fucked my father but gave him a disease in the process. She is so fucking stupid it is unbelievable. She thinks she's a know-it-all, but what she doesn't know is that she is nothing but a Wanna be Hawkins Troll Bitch and never stood a chance of being a Hawkins and that pussy husband of hers just sat back and watched hoping to reap the benefits of his fat whore of a wife
by trollwatcher May 26, 2012
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