It's what people who eat Airheads candy say before their heads swell up to the size of medicine balls
Guy: Wanna play?
Girl: Bumper Heads here?
Guy: Why not? Come on!
by Metallicajunkie October 27, 2018
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Asking someone to have aggressive bloody ball slapping gay sex. Asking another male to milk your cock so hard blood shoots out when you cum.
"Hey wanna play rivals?" "Sure my cock could use a bloody milking right now!"
by cumwolf March 07, 2021
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This fucking retarded ass loser is addicted to Fortnite, a dying game that is still in configuration with many bugs and inconveniences. So this fucking idiot who can't even fucking remember what language he takes at school asks if he can play Fortnite in your house because his mother doesnt allow him to use his retarded nintendo device at his own house. He really sucks at Fortnite and has a lazy eye that makes his long ass mullet look even more retarded, which I didn't even know was fucking possible.
*Kid almost breaks his ankle and starts to cry*
Fucking Loser: "Wanna Play Squids?"
by SquidsAnyone? October 22, 2018
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A slang term for masterbating with the company of 1-8 males to rough chimpanzee gang bang porn, usually one of the eight males will go around but fucking the other males, this is term used by males who are fond of roblox
Joe: hey man wanna play roblox
Dave: sure but I have to wait untill my parents go to bed
by Jack, Mehoff June 28, 2021
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Colloquially used as an unfriendly warning to a fellow or fellows caught red-handed. Referring to the strong physical contacts in football,such as tackling or even wrestling.
"Wanna play football?" Officer Booth asked of Kenny,Kevin,Jamie,Matt,Robert,Harun,Uriah,Bill,Jim,and Tom,as he caught them mooning in public.

"Wanna play football?"Musa asked of his twin brother Harun,as he caught Harun trying to steal his medal. "That medal is mine,not yours!"
by JMC70 December 24, 2016
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The last words you want to hear when you wake up in an abandoned building shackled to something that looks like it could do bodily harm.
Hello Amanda. You don't know me, but I definitely know you. I wanna play a game.
by kornography November 21, 2010
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