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(n.) The antithesis of the wing man, the wang man, usually involved in a completely monogamous relationship of his own, protects his monogamous male friends from straying into seductive vaginas while under the influence of excessive alcohol and other mind-altering substances. He is a paragon of modern morality, a paladin of male propriety, master of the righteous cock block and a brave soldier in the fight against drunken hookups, broken relationships, and sexually transmitted diseases.

The wang man may also protect his friends from hooking up with females who are undesirable due to being (a) too drunk to fend for themselves, (b) woefully unattractive, (c) clingers, or (d) suspicious or otherwise untrustworthy.
"If my wang man doesn't show up soon, this girl might tempt me into some seriously adulterous sexual activity."

"Just when I thought I was about to cheat on my fiancee with a stripper, my wang man showed up and kicked her out of my bachelor party."

"Thank god my wang man came along to cock block that girl, because my tequila-addled brain was in no state to make the right decision."
by rickchauncey May 04, 2010
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Just as you need a wing man to help pick up chicks, sometimes it's necessary to bring a wang man to go the bathroom. Sometimes it's to give you moral support an other times it may be to give you someone to talk to while you're pinching one out. Most importantly, above all else it is not gay to be a wang man or have one.
1."Hey dude, do you think you could be my wang man? I gotta unload one"

2. "Hey bro, do you mind coming with me? This might take a while and I'm gonna need a wang man"
by Reddaimyo November 30, 2009
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When a gay guy and a straight guy go out to a bar to land each other a dude and a chick respectively. Like Maverick and Goose if Goose was gay.
John was a good wangman, he kept Marks hag busy while I got his number.
by McBonerton May 28, 2010
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