a place where the white trash "shop" while their brats run around screaming, knocking over displays and other customers. a store where no one understands what "good customer service" is because none of the employees speak english! the merchandise is only cheap because it's either expired, or will break in a week! selling expired baby medicine here is an acceptable practice. wal*mart doesn't care about their customers, just the money.

i boycott wal mart!

he tried to shop at wal*mart, but couldn't understand why none of the employees could answer his questions, so he went to target instead.

boy: "where'd you get that piece of crap you call a tv?"
girl: "wal-mart! that's why it was so cheap!"
boy: "i didn't know they still made black and white tv's!"

paris hilton: what's wal mart? is that where you buy walls?
by msdestiny May 04, 2008
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A dumb-ass store where people go to get cheap shit for more than it's worth. Usually, ghetto-dwellers and rednecks come for the super-clearance specials.
Wal-Mart: Pure cheap evil.
by insanelinkinparkchick December 18, 2004
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The place where missing individuals/kidnapping victims are last seen. A good place to "go missing".
The missing teenager was last seen on Walmart surveillance video.
by wolfbait51 January 26, 2011
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An organisation that is in a life and death struggle with China for world domination.
If walmart doesnt win this struggle it will be the end of life as we know it.
by benth May 11, 2008
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A large retail chain started in 1962 by Sam Walton. His number one goal was to bargain with suppliers in order to buy goods at lower prices and sell them at lower prices to our fellow Americans. This proved to be very effective as the small store in Bentonville, Arkansas blew up into several stores and eventually a retail chain by the 1970's. Walmart was once a friendly environment, with good old Mr. Walton paying surprise visits to his many different stores around the country and working with every single one of his associates. He treated them like family, gave them the recognition they deserved, made everyone feel positive. In today's times Walmart is now the largest company in the world- except its prices aren't as low as many would make them out to be (Things are probably only a few cents lower than usual, maybe slightly MORE!) with Target as its main competitor.

The retail chain's goal is to bring products and services to customers at low prices. Problem is, production values have sharply gone down the drain since Sam Walton's passing (whoever's calling the shots thought it was fine to start making dirt-cheap crap in China, now no one wants to even buy clothes at Walmart anymore!), and that man made sure his stores sold the best products. Ever try Grapette or Orangette? Those two "Sam's Choice" branded sodas actually have a very long history behind them. Look it up.
Walmart. There's a fine caramel coating around the exterior... you'll find the real meat inside, deep within...
by TheSpectacularOne October 10, 2010
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Walmart is a chain of stores that has super low prices and has everything.

In reality it would be possible to live in a walmart any where from 1 to 3 years depending on how you ration your food.

it is believed that to keep walmart running "efficiently" they abduct the children that get lost in their stores and post their pictures on the missing childrens bulletin. The pictures are posted as a trophy to show off to other Walmarts.
the children are force into slavery working in an underground network of tunnels that connect all walmarts together. here they fabricating merchandise such as clothes, electronics, and toys. other tasks include repairs on large machinery such as scissor lifts, conveyor belt, and other such machinery.

oh and it kicks K-marts ass!
Mother: I lost my son in Walmart,

Mother's Friend: He was probably abducted into walmart slavery. If he did you wont see him again unless he find a way to escape.
by reggiyman June 18, 2009
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