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City in Oakland county where one cannot find a thing to do despite its beautiful lakes, downtown area and 12 oaks mall.

Walled Lake isn't all bad, tho, here we have the dankest weed in Michigan and it's quite easy to get. Lots of smoking spots and stuff to do while baked.

Although the weed is good, theres not a lot of variety, its usually OG, Orange Kush, Trainwreck, Purps, Vanilla Kush, Sour Diesel and Maui Wowie. Anything else is quite rare.

Also, this place is a paradise for drug dealers, considering pretty much everyone smokes weed out here. From jocks to nerds to band geeks, we all toke.
Man, I went to Walled Lake, MI last week, we picked up some dank ass purps!

My friend has been growing weed in Walled Lake, hes got 40 plants, 20 are OG and 20 are Sour Diesel
by Am420n January 29, 2011
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