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Walking Balloons are animal balloons that come in a wide variety of dogs, cats, frogs, unicorns and even Hello Kitty. The idea is your walking it like a pet dog and the pet follows you wherever you go when you hold on to the string like a leash. Sold exclusively in malls for $5, but if the seller can give you a good deal such as if you have two kids, you can buy one and get the other one free. They are usually caged in a white fence. Usually little kids end up getting them. It can be so annoying to the seller if you keep breaking it and having to change it with a new one. It will pounce the manager. Kids punch them and end up breaking them. Walking balloons will leave the seller so angry because they end up popping them or they have to give them away without even collecting payment. They can scare the younger toddlers and make them cry. It's irritating when people don't want to buy the ballloons because they are inflated from holes and customers will point them out calling them nasty. The manager will get so pissy. Only a person with strong public and selling experience can carry out the job of selling walking balloons.
Be aware on don't sell walking balloons if your down to get pissed later.
by ChristianQueen June 13, 2018
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