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Founded in 2006, in Frisco TX having only one good type of sports team, yet ironically its the sport America doesnt like. Soccer. It has attracted many from around Frisco that claim they are either Frats, Bros, LAX players, and those who think Jersey Shore is the best show around. The school is filled with wannabes and nothing but cliques of punkasses and posers, and also how the kids of the school faculty are the school sluts and skanks. Not to mention the black kids who think they go hard and throw up gang signs saying "swag", "aye", and "fresh" and they claimed they grew up and had a harder life WHILE driving their Daddys BMW, or Mercedes in their new Air Jordans and Ed Hardy clothes. It seems as if though the kids that are not popular are the only ones who have their heads on straight, but even then they still act stupid.
Brendan- Hey bro, shes muff cabbage. Wanna go play some LAX later? My bro also got us some Natty lights. I might be able to break my record of 3 tonight!

Kelton- Aye ya bro, Im down. Let me do smush smush with her first, and I cant tonight, I gotta wack off to Ronnie tonight. New episode of the best show ever.

Brendan- Want a brojob instead? Also the soccer team is playing at Wakeland High School.

Kelton- Brojob sounds good brah.
by IhateWakeland May 01, 2011
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