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stuck up religious children of rich parents are indoctrinated into believing that Christmas Trees and penis's are the devil. If you've had sex, youre the devil. If you've been spotted in a bikini youre the devil. if you listen to anything but christian music - YOU ARE THE DEVIL - dating girls at this school is for the elite and well mannered, as girls have standards that not even edward cullen can handle, good luck finding a dress for prom, you have to have an old lady look you over and make sure it fits like a potato sack, be sure to read the 372 page handbook on mannerisms and behavioral consequences, im sure you'll find something you've done before
dude, you go to Wake Christian Academy?
god im sorry
you cant say that word here
ohshit my bad
or that one
there we go
by boyimonthatflyshit April 11, 2010
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