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A small town, (by mainland standards), on the Hawaiian island of Oahu heading up to the North Shore.

The home of Keneke's, the best plate lunch stand on the planet.

Waimanalo Blues is a country/Hawaiian song by the band Country Comfort describing the beautiful gem of Waimanalo surrounded by a changing world.

Cool, country, and downhome.
Hey guys, you wanna head up to Waimanalo for a shave ice at Keneke's?

From Waimanalo Blues: "The beaches they sell to build their hotels, my fathers and I once knew. Birds all along the sunlight at dawn, singing Waimanalo blues."

Joe: Johnny is so relaxed, how does he keep his cool?

Nicole: That's a Waimanalo boy if I ever saw one!
by youalleverybody September 09, 2007
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A commune on the island of Oahu where diversity and harmony prevail.
I would feel entirely safe as a missionary strolling through Waimanalo or Nanakuli with $100 dollar bills pinned to my "CAPTAIN COOK RULES!" T-shirt whilst preaching the gospel to the simple natives.
by megnao flimpis July 04, 2003
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A would be trailer park if Hawaiian zoning laws permitted it.
Dem buggahs frum waimanalo is all F.O.B., dey don't know mauka frum ewa and dey breff smel like YickLung salties.
by harry flashman July 03, 2003
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