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When someone does something that they think is worthy of praise but in reality it isnt . You can use Wah Modiji Wah.

Literally its meant to praise our honorable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi ji but thanks to youtuber peeinghuman it has been used in a sarcatic way to highlight the short comings.
when you buy coffee , milk and sugar and your roommate makes a cup of coffee and drinks it in front of you and offers you a sip.

One can reply " Wah Modiji Wah"
by stainglass1008 July 14, 2018
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A popular slang in India which refers to a person who does something wrong and shows arrogance instead of feeling sorry. The word 'Wah' is a Hindi word for praising someone, in this case, it is being used sarcastically.
When a driver pulls over in the middle of the road to drop-off someone and blocks the whole traffic behind him/her and gives you a rude look when you ask him to clear the way. In that case, you can just say 'Wah modiji wah!'
by Donultimate March 29, 2019
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