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The most muvafucking crew in the United Kingdom. Niggas know not to fuck with these gangsters. This crew consists of 1,000,000 members, and each one is a blood-wanting crazy fuck. They run through chavs like troops and even a SWAT team. The crew started in a MSN Messenger conversation, in which the beginning members and a hairy fuck were involved in. The hairy fuck began by saying wag1 which angered the others, and as a insult, they replied with, Wag1s, Wag2s Wag3s etc.

Then, one person, stood out and said. From Now On. We Are The Wag Cruu, and each member was given their name, and from that day...the Wag Cruu took out pussys like Miral Shah and co.

This is a crew that no-one in their right frame of mind would ever fuck with.
"I was once scared of the Wag Cruu, but then I moved to America where the only harmful thing that could happen, is eating too much Burger Kings! I'm so happy to be safe, and away from those thugs. That airhorn and letter really scared me!! I cried that day and shortly after ruined my pants by pissing in them."- Miral Shah
by Wag 23,415 July 11, 2005
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