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What would Jesus Mohammad Buddha Confucius Moses and Ganesh Do?

1. The question you ask when you want a completely nonsensical but ultimately helpful solution to a problem.

2. Web-based comic strip where the six characters referred to in the title live, work and party together as 20-something friends.
My girlfriend is having dinner with her ex-boyfriend while he's in town for the night. She said he has a suite and she may stay over if they stay out too late.


Have a steak dinner, get politely drunk at a strip club while generously tipping the dancers, get a dancer's number if you can (doesn't matter if it's fake, you're throwing it out when you leave the club anyway), go home by yourself before 10pm and text "I love you" to her before you pass out.
by royaldukeofjackassery November 20, 2009
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