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What Would 06 Do?

Whatever we fucking want to!

By the Class of 06 : You know you are in the class of 06 when..
1 .you know what the V-fund really stands for
2. you know the song defying gravity
3. being kicked out of the lounge is a usual
4 you can eat a cake under a minute and a half
5 you are hated.
6. operation librarian means something to you
7. unicorn paradise is love and you support them 100%
8. you really know what 06 would do..
9. “beef stew” means something to you
10 . Sister Bearss is your “champion”
11. Throwing a footrest = death
12. water fights / cake fights in the lounge/bathroom are not rare
13. you enjoy dancing around the lounge dressed up in costumes
14. throwing food is common
15. fart spray is your best friend
16. you love everyone in your class. Really you do.
17. you often replace the s.c. song “I kissed a drunk girl” to “I kissed an orphan” and you know why.
18. “hey mickey your so fine , your so find you blow my mind hey mickey” means something to you.
19. Corey Donburger is a good friend of many. And half of you have been to the police station.
20. Michelles basement is where it all goes down.
21. Themed parties at the Steigerwalds are your favorite
22. DFS is more productive than NHS
23. you know what FUPA stands for
24. you don’t get looks for going to class soaking after a water fight anymore.
25. you have issues with “respect” – senior class 05
26. Domino reactions in fire drills are a usual
27. you have gotten freshmen welcome week revoked
28. you set your place in the highschool since the fig fight freshmen year.
29. you “let go” multiple teachers/ administration
30. you know who has a crush on mr.kelly
31. you eat lunch more in the cafeteria and stairwell than you do in the lounge.
32. OC parties are just good excuses to eat
33. you are very familiar with the smell of rubber in the microwaves (thanks to mike lynch’s shoe)
34. “CV is an @$$”
35. Prank phone calls = 5 day suspension
36. you go sledding during lunch
37. snow dances occur at 10:26 on possible snow days
38. where peeing your pants really is cool, while playing capture the flag outside
39. at least half the class has peed their pants sometime in school
40. You know the stats on the pink roster and what the pink roster represents
41. you know every single relationship detail of everyone in your class
42. 2 words: CODE RED.
43. 5 of us failed math.. the rest of us got d’s
44. the woods and the red roof in are not unfamiliar places to us
45. operation snowman means something to you
46. you were the first class to have freshmen welcome week revoked
47. when freshmen welcome week is taken away you resort to riots and vandalism to the lounge/ parking lot
48. If coalition is good enough for Bush its good enough for us.
49. you know who mr. sausage is
50. you know what was placed on the toilets junior year april 1st.
51. someone has been behind every scandal of the school, whether they have admitted it or not.
52. you get accused of bringing in poop in your backpack
53. free-proxies are your best friends
54. you have had microwaves taken away from you
55. no one wants to play dodge ball against you, even if your eyes are closed and you are using your left hand.
56. you have trouble keeping your mouth shut
57. Bus drivers hate you
58. you are known to be immature and “flipping nightmares”
59. You were the minority if you didn’t cry junior year Christmas dance
60. the only way to successfully skip class is to lock yourself in a locker
61. when moments of silence in Dr. Meyers class are always a good excuse to run out of class
62. you have mastered the sister peggy impression and speak in it more than you speak in your normal voice
63. your lip curves inward with ease
64. you know what Sr.bearss would do if she found out you stole “beverages” from a train in a different country. And you will be the one laughing.
65. you have a Myspace and/or a highschool facebook.
66. you love mooning wars at retreats
67. you know who Jiggy is
68. you know if any mishap occurs in the HS, someway or another you will be blamed for it
69. in frosh welcome week you had a “fat day and a hick day” yet you are not allowed to give a “spandex or an oompa loompa” day
70. you aren’t surprised by number 69 listed above
71. you know senior privileges are a joke so you don’t even try to propose them
72. you are looking forward to “Camp Harper”
73. you never feel stupid if you are crying because you know devon is already sobbing.
by 06sisters August 19, 2006
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