An acronym used on short messaging service that can stand for a number of phrases all connecting the idea of astonishment or the experience of being astounded.

I can have both good and bad connotations depending on use.

WTD = What The Deal
WTD Why do KOBE and TIGER feel the need dominate all Game, cain't they be happy in a single Kingdom?"

WTD I ride hard on my spinners and I still ain't making stacks
by thebrucedickenson June 23, 2010
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(what the duck)

it has the same meaning as what the fuck except more intense and it sounds cooler.
"omg look at tht ducking ugly person. theyre like 12 and they have piss on their pants!" -holly
"wow dude wtd" -jermy
by holl&jerm April 14, 2010
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Stands For Women These Days. Used By Men That Cant Understand Why Women Would Do A Certain Thing.
Female To Another Female: I bought like 7 pairs of shoes the other day.

Male That Overheard To Another Male: Women These Days (Or WTD), Love Their Shoes!
by Lil-Dan April 17, 2009
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wheres the dicks, often abbreviated to "wtd", is a term used when inquiring the whereabouts of said dicks. this term is often used by a man named samuel mcdougall.
"hey guys, its me sam, wtd?!?!"
by steev mcqueen July 21, 2009
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