a guy who seduces women, makes them feel like they're the only one in his life, then disrespects them and their feelings, only to go back to the one person that has caused him pain and suffering just to feel comfortable
Rich is such a womanizer...someday he'll realize what he's closed the door on when it's too late!
by wvateachcin October 18, 2008
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A guy who gets every girl to like him. A senseless asshole that has 978,882,224,213 girlfriends and makes them all think he is in love with them. Tells them that "they are the one that he wants to spend the rest of his life with." Just so he can screw her and move on to the next girl.

"Dude CARL is such a womanizer"
by sugarcookiex7 October 21, 2008
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Men who treat women like shit in an underhanded way. Yet the women are clueless to what he is he's really doing. Trying to fuck as many as he can with no plans of settling down.
Unaware of his womanizing ways she swore he was gonna marry her ass.
''The Benny Hill Show '' was a perfect example of a womanizer.
by Niggers can't read January 21, 2016
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John Paul Restrepo. He takes girls on dates and manipulates them to feel as Iโ€™d they are the only ones. He has multiple girlfriends at a time. Has sex with them raw. Introduces them to his family. Makes them feel special but send their nudes to his friends. Psychopath
He will tell you hes in love with you the second time you guys hang out. He is such a womanizer.
by Julia stones August 09, 2019
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Is the perfect man , the ideal man the perfect boyfriend ,the one that remembers every single detail ,the protector ,the one that calls u all day long ,the one that accept u the way u r ,the one that looks at u like ur the only woman in this world ,the one that makes u feel that u r in control of the relation and when thing go wrong is ur fault for dougting him is just too perfect but behind ur back hes cheating and doing the same thing to the other ladies . remember hes always the victim lol
smokey kelly from Fort Pierce is a womanizer
by veropiru August 21, 2010
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A guy who gets every girl to like him.
He is a gutless, senseless asshole who treats every girl like they're the girl for him, then lets them down by having MANY other girls on the side! He also sweet talks them like crazy!
Zach Wheeler is a womanizer!!!

by ~~Lisa~~ December 08, 2008
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