a neighborhood in Chicago located in West Town. Home to a large community of artists and hipsters. You can't go 10 feet without seeing someone with 3 or 4 different shades of hair color. Wicker Park is a cool place to hang out. There is a movie starring Josh Hartnett that was filmed in Wicker Park.
by Wicker Park July 19, 2005
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An extreme state of confusion...where you feel like you've been drugged, and it'd make more sense to be talking to a hissing cockroach on the moon than to be in the situation you're currently in.
What the hell is going no, i feel like I'm Wicker Parked!
by Nicky-Ole June 25, 2005
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a wicker park chauncy wears black jeans and fake vans to the pool. they buy top of the line road bikes they can't ride. they buy rides they can't drive. they mooch. they are cooler than you. they drink better beer than you. they need more tatoos. they like better music than you. they are not hipsters. they are not living in wicker park because it's convient to work, they are living in wicker park because it's convient to work. they also are not being chauncy.
ever since bluecardude moved to the park, he's been a real wicker park chauncy.
by bucktown badass June 29, 2009
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