"What" but in awe. Can be used as WHOT?? when a "THOT" does something in lesser intelligence and you question her recent doings.
ex. 1
Person - 'Yoo, last night Lea did a succ.'
Person - 'WHOT?'

ex. 2
Person - 'Last night, Becky got drunk and texted her ex nudes'
Person - 'WHOOTT??'
by mynameisalexhello March 4, 2018
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WHOT- white hoe over there

Usually a white girl wearing long brown boots, leg warmers, black leggings & a oversized cardigan. They usually travel in packs.
Oh. Look at that WHOT over there.
Girl! I didn't know you were dressing like a WHOT today.
by a26a November 28, 2013
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When you approach someone who you think is a thot, but they turn out to be someone who is wholesome and hot.
Hey is that girl a thot?
No, she's too wholesome, she's a whot.
by StrangerJ April 14, 2019
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Another way to say "what the fuck". Usually how preppy girls sound when they say "what the fuck".
"Whot tha fauk was that math assignment last night all about?"
by curbside handyman April 2, 2009
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A person who is a thot and whore mixed together. Someone who will fuck ur life up. If ur thinking ab getting involved with a “whot” turn around
Have you met Jane yet? I heard she’s a real whot. She cheated on her boyfriend with her ex
by bipolarfreak22 January 5, 2020
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Whot: They like to tease, entertain, AND satisfy
by Ismynamethisorthat October 22, 2019
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when your really confused about a non-serous thing
by HallwayJusta April 4, 2022
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