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"What" but in awe. Can be used as WHOT?? when a "THOT" does something in lesser intelligence and you question her recent doings.
ex. 1
Person - 'Yoo, last night Lea did a succ.'
Person - 'WHOT?'

ex. 2
Person - 'Last night, Becky got drunk and texted her ex nudes'
Person - 'WHOOTT??'
by mynameisalexhello May 09, 2018
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WHOT- white hoe over there

Usually a white girl wearing long brown boots, leg warmers, black leggings & a oversized cardigan. They usually travel in packs.
Oh. Look at that WHOT over there.
Girl! I didn't know you were dressing like a WHOT today.
by a26a November 27, 2013
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When you approach someone who you think is a thot, but they turn out to be someone who is wholesome and hot.
Hey is that girl a thot?
No, she's too wholesome, she's a whot.
by StrangerJ April 13, 2019
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a whot is a white girl thot. she thinks she has ass and tits but often doesn’t. honestly just a basic bitch!!
boy: β€œwhat about sam?”
other boy: β€œnah she a whot”
by honestlysamebro May 22, 2019
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