(Wanna-be whore)
A nice, cute, or goody-goody girl who TRIES to act like a whore or slut.
Wow she is such a freaking wab!
by Sebass February 18, 2008
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Well these people have names like: Fea, Mosca, Shygirl, Dreamer, Drifter, Tiny, Fly girl, Creeky, Whisper, La Guera, China, Tortuga, Morena, Angel, Sad Girl, Lady Joker,
Lil Puppet, Silent, Smoker...and the most famous: Shorty.
If you ask them if they are wabs they deny it...or call other people that, when they are too. They talk in spanglish all the time, usually by the time they are 16 they are pregnant. They also wear a lot of Southpole and Echo.
There are a lot of wabs at Santa Ana High School.
by Karinas January 29, 2008
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An abbreviation for an ever popular saying of "what-a-bitch".
Sally: did you see that girl?
Maci: Yeah W A B
by STINK FACE July 31, 2006
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Short for Whataburger, the solution to all your problems
Me: You've got to be kidding me, fire alarms going off at 4 AM?
Roommate: time for wab

Me: oof, I got creamed by that midterm
Friend: time for wab

Mom: I'm so sorry, your grandfather's dead
Me: time for wab
by jkmartindale December 01, 2019
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Wabs = Weak Ass Bitch Syndrome

The act of being a Weak Ass Bitch such as being a pussy, being soft or not as tough.
Sierra: Do box jellyfish have more potent venom then scorpions.

Steven: Nah Scorpions got Wabs
by Das me April 15, 2011
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You suck the wab!
Jim loves the wab
Rambo takes the wab
by Teakkaman October 15, 2004
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Western Academy of Beijing

cuulest skewl in ze worrrld. Where all the hawties go - grrrrrr TIGERS!

we are the wabbits, the mighty mighty wabbits..goooooo wab!
by t-wal April 30, 2009
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