A Mexican who brings his Mexican culture such as Cowboys or Ranchero type style to the U.S. and is not ashamed (or doesn't know any better)to sport it out.
That club is full of wabs.
L.A. has a bunch of wabs, so does Santa Ana.
by Turbo Nitrous June 12, 2006
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Young small tits. Mounds in the breast area. More nipple than anything else.

The beginnings of a pair of chebbs.
My dad told me, when we were at the beach one time: look over there son, that’s a nice pair of wabs.
by Wabs Selectors August 29, 2019
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Abbreviation for “weird at baseline”. A way of describing someone who doesn’t have anything medically wrong with them, but are just questionable individuals.
Wow, that lady is screaming at the nurse because she needs exactly 7 sheets and for her glasses to be cleaned, she is definitely a 5 on the WAB scale.
by hospitalsarecray September 20, 2019
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Look at that WAB over there looking like she just did some meth. Smh
by DeeZee September 15, 2017
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With a Blunt.

For use when talking in public/ on the phone/ over text about smoking a blunt.
Adding this to the end of any activity will make it better.
So I was chillin with Christy, wab, before we went to get food and....

Hey, you want to come over and hang out, wab.
by ac31488 September 01, 2009
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Wack Ass Bitch

Usually a skanky bitch that toys with mens emotions and then fucks someone else.

And then toys with you some more.
you: man, fuck that W.A.B., she just banged Mike.

friend: And ME!
by JTako November 28, 2007
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