Male underpants. Usually used on its own, but also in the phrase a pair of wabs. Slang term used in north east England, possible origin town of Guisborough, North Yorkshire.
He wore thick wabs during the harsh English winter.
by DrBb October 27, 2013
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Guy#1-"Hey dude what are you getting your girlfriend for your "ANNIVERSARY?""

Guy#2-"I actually bought her a really nice purse"

Guy#1-"Really!? Like a coach one?! How much did it cost???"

Guy#2-"About Two Hundred Bucks.."

Guy#1"...Dude your a f#$@'n Whipped Ass Bitch..you WAB!!"

ALL(as Guy#2 tries to explain himself)-"WAAAAAAAAAB!!"

Other Examples-
"he's being such a wab right now"
"look at this wab facebook post"
"I would still be friends with her but omg she's such a wab"
by Z3BWBRN April 15, 2011
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When one wakes up and smokes a substance (chiefly marijuana)

short for W.ake a.nd B.ake
Bro #1: Bro let's wab
Bro #2: Okay, pick me up in the morning before school
by Chief Plevel April 22, 2011
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The word WAB most likely originated from Orange County considering the high population of illegal immigrants located there. its context is similar to those of the word FOB. WAB is an acronym for Walked Across Boarder. It is generally used as a derogatory term towards Hispanics.
Fucking WAB, go back to Mexico!

Yea he cant speak English, he's a wab.
by JunoMuno September 05, 2007
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