Wip + Dab = WAB

~CND Youtube
You reel it in for a whip then end it in a dab, yup that's the WAB
by WabItUp January 30, 2017
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Sallie: Omg Jake, like i just hate the way i loook haha (give me attention)
Jake: (looks at sam)
Sam: W.A.B
Jake: (nodds)
Sallie: What does that mean!?
Jake and Sam: (laughs because sallie's a bitch)
by someone else 69 June 09, 2019
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during a drunken party all the lads want to show off some machoness and start arm wrestling. the worst is a WAB. weak armed bastard!
yeh beat brian at arm wrestling last night, he's a WAB!
by Sean 'the jifford' Clifford April 21, 2005
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W: Weak
A: Ass
B: Broth
S: Syndrome

This is when you make instant ramen noodles with the recommended amount of water and yet the broth is a bit weak.
When i made some ramen noodles for lunch, it had a serious case of "W.A.B.S"
by SomeRandomFurry October 14, 2018
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