Internet abbreviation for 'What about'
Garn: wab 2morro? Im free then fo sho.
Ebo: oh, cool. tots.
by babyzie October 18, 2010
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Acronym for "Weak Ass Bitch". Used to label or describe someone doing something that is considered lame or weak in a social setting. Also used for those who don't make an appearance at a social event while all their friends are there.
In a bar setting: "where's your beer? Are you drinking water? Like a WAB?
by Mhill1286 May 03, 2019
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W A B | abbreviation
“Wednesday ass bitch”

A WAB does not follow the regular the standard weekly schedule like others. They will get absolutely guttered any night they wish including wednesdays evenings, which are especially important for them as they need to break free the mundanity of have a 9-5 job.

A Wednesday ass bitch is never one to use work as an excuse to turn down night out. Don’t try and prevent them from having “one more drink” they breathe fire.
W.A.B: “Sure I’ll come, but I’ll only stay for one”
Friend: “That’s my Wednesday ass bitch

*The WAB Is wrecked the next day at work*
by Caustic November 18, 2018
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To be a pussy ass bitch. If pronounce like “WAAAAAAB” then you’re an absolute lad.
Hey, ya bois a wab
by Ya real boi November 12, 2017
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Whip and dab combined was created by Team Kaliber
I'm bout to wab on these hoes
by Wali Tk March 15, 2017
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Wip + Dab = WAB

~CND Youtube
You reel it in for a whip then end it in a dab, yup that's the WAB
by WabItUp January 30, 2017
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