a beautiful thing if used properly. all it does is make you happy.
yo pass that joint around brother.
by anonymous November 24, 2004
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an herb grown by gnomes containing shit that makes you wicked baked. weed comes in many different varieties form afgan kush to skunk. pushed on the street by dope boys, marijuana is very good for you and it calms you down and focuses you in many aspects. if you are a lightweight you will buy weed by the dime bag or nickel bag but if you are a heavy hitter you buy weed by the ounce or pound. only bosses buy by the kilo which is equal to a lot. some side effects are uncontrollable laughter, mellowness, sleepyness, and aixelsid. weed can be very potent and very shitty. some good shit that i have been growin with high thc content is sour diesel. dont buy mersh or mids causee it gets u high for 3 minutes and than you crash and get very tierd. warning i typed this definition under the influence of marijuana.
i sit down with this bag of weed that give me the shit needed to be the most meanest emm cee-eminem
by nigga nan March 24, 2009
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A green plant god put on the earth for me and you.
Grow buy role smoke enjoy.
by Ian February 02, 2005
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weed is marijuana, stupid. here's some names i've collected
chron or chronic
dro (hydroponics)
sticks and stems (shitty weed)
sticky-icky (dripping with THC)
mauie wowie
jamaican red hair
kind bud
skunk and super skunk
mary jane
grass (no one calls it that anymore)
ganga (pronounced GAHN-JAH)
herb or herbal
mids or middies (average weed)
damn, there's a ton more, i just can't remember from smoking all of the above.
yo, pass me that bowl of cherried weed
by DAN September 03, 2004
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GOD. notice how the definitions that down herb, have more thumbs downs then thumbs ups.
Are you wearing sunglasses man?
Na dude my eyes are just really, really dilated.
This weed is bomb as hell!
by Yoitsalex July 10, 2008
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gods greatest invention next to pussy
always pass it to the left n never keep it for to long or ull b in shit!!!
by buddah luva May 29, 2005
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mind enhancement herb, noted for it's 3 main effects: hungry, happy, sleepy. basically its the shit
i gotta smoke one when i wake up, smoke to go to sleep, all the true weed smokers gotta smoke before they eat
Young Buck, Puff Puff Pass
by cheesey guy September 23, 2008
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