A showtime series that portrays the life of a woman who is forced to sell marijuana in order to pay for her expensive lifestyle after her husband dies. It takes place in the town of Agrestic where everyone is very boring and exactly the same.
Nancy the main character in weeds sells marijuana to make a living.
by Mister Darko August 21, 2006
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doobage, bud, herb, left-handed ciggarette, wacky tobacky, pot, smoke, gonga, reefer, the 11th special herb in KFC's recipe, green, dank, you get the picture.
Hit that weed and pass it to the left! Puff, puff, give, damnit!
by Big Chief Smack-a-Ho February 06, 2003
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Good stuff. Magical plants that mother nature provides for her children.
no, we dont smoke weed from no swisher. aye gramps take out the hookah..show this sucka how we do it!
by udontknowmebitch March 16, 2007
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Why drink & drive when you can smoke & fly?

Weed is marijuana. It's less harmful then alcohol & cigarettes put together. You can be baked, blazed, stoned, or high. You can toke, smoke, or hit. Whatever you want to call it, it's the best feeling in the world.

Marijuana is a plant that came from the earth. If God didn't want us to have it, why would he put it here? & if you don't believe in God then here's one for you. It comes from the ground, so it's ALL natural. Nothing harmful about it.

If your parents smoke, tell them to stop cause it's bad for them then hand them a blunt.

Go grab a blunt, bowl, joint, or bong and chill on the couch when your parents aren't home. Make sure to have some air freshner, a change of clothes, eye drops, & gum near by.

Make it last. Don't waste it. Blow the smoke straight to the sky.

Take a nice long hit. Breathe it in, hold it, feel the rush, blow it out. It's that simple my friends. Don't be greedy, share the ganga.

Ganga, dro, chronic, weed, pot, maryjane, MJ, trees, reefer, herb, or whatever you want to call it.
I smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints then I smoke 2 more.

Weed isn't a druggg!
by A.Baby July 03, 2006
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god's one true gift to mankind
that weed we smoked was fuckjing gooddodod
by god March 04, 2005
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