1. A person who never runs from a fight in fortnite.
2. A person who can muster the courage to talk to a female cause tbh she's not coming up to his ugly ass, but he still shoots that shot with confidence.
3. If you want to join you cannot have a hairline or your shit has to be hella fucked up, like you got the "fuck my reveal up" special. Like that shit was on sale. If you not ready to throw hands or rob your barber after your fade then you not ready for the W Gang.
1. W gang really bout that life
2. You gotta W gang your ass up to that girl and get that number
3. "Damn his hairline trash af, he must be W gang"
by E N D M Y P A I N May 17, 2018
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A gc and a “lifestyle” full of fake ass homeboys. W gang are known for being Cornball illiterate fxcks who cant say shi with their chest up.
If you are not in “W Gang” your not a W and your a Snake.🐍
by Cxshmoney123 January 10, 2022
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