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Part of the practice of taxidermy. The act of Vulture Culture is to search of the remains of an animal and take it with the intention of using the remains for taxidermy (skinning, using the bones/skeleton; etc).
"Dude how's the Vulture Culture going?"
"Found a lot of dead birds but I really want to find a raccoon for my skull collection."
by FreezingHeart June 24, 2016
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A workplace or organization that seems to feed on itself, picking over the bones of failure and blaming everyone else, rather than itself. You sometimes find yourself wondering what it would be like to work freely without the fear of a hungry hoover hovering above waiting for you to mess up. Or, your company is so paralysed by indecision because no-one wants to stand up and raise their head above the parapet. If any of these sound familiar, you might be in the grip of a Vulture Culture. Vulture Cultures are particularly damaging because the enemy is within, and not always easy to pinpoint.

Not to be confused with Culture Vulture.
I am so tired of working in this Vulture Culture where it seems the heads of the company were promoted into their positions because they were too stupid to handle the jobs they were hired to do. It's such a terrible work culture, these vultures pick on staff over stupid things such as when my boss lost it on me when she opened an attachment and it was so big that it fit her entire screen. I've also been asking the CFO for weeks now to make a spending decision on something that needed to get done within a specific time frame in order to reach our vendor's deadline, and with as many times and methods in which I followed up, she did not provide a decision until today and we missed the vendor's deadline by weeks. It's a Vulture Culture.
by Sn0Wyt November 01, 2010
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The type of people who lurk, sell and buy on on-line rummage sale, garage sale & resale sites.
"The Vulture Culture on this site sucks" Vulture Vulture Culture
by Kamkath March 26, 2015
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