Probably the most attractive, most coordinated and talented sports players you'll ever come across. They're pretty, outgoing and are always making jokes. They can be very clique-y, but if you make friends with one of them, you're friends with all of them. They often post a lot of Instagram pictures of them spiking a ball or making an A+ serve, in fact, their whole Instagram may (or may not) be dedicated to their volleyball life.
"Yoooo, did you hear? The new girl is a volleyball girl!"
"No way! I want to take her out already."
"She's super nice, too!"
"Well obviously! All volleyball girls are."
by trulyfe November 11, 2013
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a girl that never wears long pants and that is dummy thicccccccccc and actually plays volleyball
Chad: did you see that Volleyball Girl?
Marcus: Yeah she thiccccc
by solomiya November 02, 2019
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sweetest girls you’ll ever meet, just don’t make them mad, they can hit you like they hit that ball, you don’t wanna even know how hard that is... but uh yeah date a vball girl they’ll love you forever
volleyball girls are so hot

by getyeetedbadboi March 17, 2019
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October 29

Today is the day to fulfill your volleyball dreams and kiss a volleyball girl.
Joe: Gary, What your favorite day?
Gary: My favorite day is October 29th!

Joe: That’s a random day. Why?
Gary: Because it’s National Kiss A Volleyball Girl Day!

Joe: I love volleyball girls!!
Gary: Me too!
by shrilankawe18 October 24, 2019
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Some of the most judgemental know-it-alls you'll meet. If you're not popular or don't fit into their idea of normal (if you're alternative, a theater kid, or quiet), don't expect to be close friends with them. Usually found in middle school and 6th grade.
Volleyball girl: are you a lesbian?

Person: well actually I'm bi—

Volleyball girl: I knew you were a lesbian!

Person: I... I just said I was bi!

Volleyball girl: but I have a friend who is bi and you don't act like them, therefore you are a lesbian!

Person: I'm done with these Middleschool Volleyball Girls
by TinCan the Trashcan July 07, 2021
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