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1.having jacked up teeth
2.thinking they know what a "poof" looks like
3.being ugly in general
4.being jealous of girls 4 states away
G:hunny that is not a poof
M:hahahh she thinks that's a poof!
fight me Virginia Girls.
by iloveyouuuu12345 January 24, 2009
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A girl who don't take care of themself i.e. not wearing make-up, not brushing their hair, not showering on a daily basis, etc. A lot of times either morbidly obese or a freakish skeleton.
A: Check out that chubby chick with the swamp hair. Has she not heard of the invention of make-up?
S: What do you expect? She's a Virginia Girl!
by LikeItHotter March 02, 2011
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A person who from another state and move to Virginia
I’m from California but I’m still a Virginia girl
by Syd❤️😂 September 29, 2019
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