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A state of mental confusion and mood swings between feeling hopeless and miserable about a difficult situation (work, school, etc.) and fury about the same situation. In the depressed state, a person won't do anything about their situation, and just complain. They will also often blame themselves (for not being able to do anything about it).In the violent state, the person will be angry about what's happening, will often be physically violent and mentally irritable, and is likely to blame others (because they believe another person is the cause). These aren't completely different, only different ways a person with mental instability reacts to feelings of helplessness.
X: (crying) I have so much stress from work and I don't know what to do about it. I'm so useless. I can't do anything to change this.
Y: you're not worthless, it's just that you blame yourself for everything.

(3 minutes later)

X: (yelling) it's all my f***ing boss's fault. He gives too much work and the selfish ba****d doesn't give a s**t about his employees. I wanna kill that mutha f**ka.
Y: I'm sure it's not that bad. You need to calm down and stop being so |violent depressed|
X: don't you tell me to calm down. Shut the f**k up and leave me the hell alone or I'll beat the f***ing s**t out your a**.
Y: (leaves)
X: (slams the door behind person Y and then kicks a hole through the door)
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by Darksoul538635375935 December 31, 2016
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