The point during sexual intercourse where a man is irreversibly about to blow his load. The very worst time to have to cease coitus in an emergency.
Shit! I was on the vinegar stroke when Julie's dad burst through the door.
by Busted Hyman July 7, 2006
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The last strokes of a Chap's portion, as his penile alignment reaches it's point of zenith, for purposes of draining one's gonad of manly brine, often upon a partner's tender copulative action. This fluidic joy is known to force a look upon one's face not dissimilar to that gained by downloading two or more shots of Strong Malt Vinegar, possibly whilst popping open an auto-brolly with thine own colon.
I was all keyed up, about to splash out on this chick's gash. Suddenly, and without prior warning, the sight a falling Nun tore me disappointly from the full realisation of my delicious Vinegar Strokes. Paying by the half hour, of course I began my quest anew; rather than take it out on the Nun.
by Dr. Graviton Crevice May 13, 2021
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The arrival of pre-cum when having a sherman.
When answering the phone for example
"Bloody Hell that was bad timing I was just on the vinegar stroke !"
by Chris Craven November 30, 2003
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The facial expression during sex that coincides with the last thrust before coming.
Imagine the contorted 'fuck face' being pulled by the male as hes about to come, and compare to the wincing one would experience when sucking a lemon, or tasting vinegar. Hence, the vinegar stroke.
Ah man, I was banging this chick, and I was up to the vinegar stroke when my phone rang. Ruined the moment.
by Jaberoni March 13, 2009
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the pre-orgasmal point of no return for men during the sexual act, where failing to blurt your mess will result in blue balls
i was pulling up to the vinegar strokes when she woke up and caught my sticky gift in her freshly opened eye
by linton gillespie April 4, 2006
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The final moments prior to when a man orgasms. At this point he can no longer stop himself from ejaculating no matter what happens. He will make a face as though he has just smelled vinegar. It is said that if you peer into a man's eyes during his vinegar strokes you get a glimpse of his soul.
Justin and I accidentally walked in on Kyle during his vinegar strokes. Now we know things about him that no other person can.
by FlexPPE1 November 23, 2011
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The often odd, varied and bizarre facial expressions a man make at the point when he is is just about to ejaculate. The same sort of faces you would pull if you had just quaffed a pint of vinegar.
I was just getting into my vinegar strokes when the doorbell rang.
by Bert Quock May 26, 2006
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