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The point during sexual intercourse where a man is irreversibly about to blow his load. The very worst time to have to cease coitus in an emergency.
Shit! I was on the vinegar stroke when Julie's dad burst through the door.
by Busted Hyman July 07, 2006
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The facial expression during sex that coincides with the last thrust before coming.
Imagine the contorted 'fuck face' being pulled by the male as hes about to come, and compare to the wincing one would experience when sucking a lemon, or tasting vinegar. Hence, the vinegar stroke.
Ah man, I was banging this chick, and I was up to the vinegar stroke when my phone rang. Ruined the moment.
by Jaberoni March 13, 2009
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the pre-orgasmal point of no return for men during the sexual act, where failing to blurt your mess will result in blue balls
i was pulling up to the vinegar strokes when she woke up and caught my sticky gift in her freshly opened eye
by linton gillespie April 04, 2006
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The final moments prior to when a man orgasms. At this point he can no longer stop himself from ejaculating no matter what happens. He will make a face as though he has just smelled vinegar. It is said that if you peer into a man's eyes during his vinegar strokes you get a glimpse of his soul.
Justin and I accidentally walked in on Kyle during his vinegar strokes. Now we know things about him that no other person can.
by FlexPPE1 November 22, 2011
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The often odd, varied and bizarre facial expressions a man make at the point when he is is just about to ejaculate. The same sort of faces you would pull if you had just quaffed a pint of vinegar.
I was just getting into my vinegar strokes when the doorbell rang.
by Bert Quock May 26, 2006
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the point of no return for a man during sexual intercourse in which he can not stop until he ejaculates, and looks as if someone put a spoon full of vinegar and made him smell it

as seen on "the league"
steven, so my dog started to lick ass, as i was banging my chick but since i was in the vinegar strokes i had no choice but to finish.

andy, ive been there man ive been there
by Thug Nasty Iggy December 27, 2010
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The point at which there is no going back when you are about to shoot your load!
Quick, get off! I can hear my dad coming up the stairs!

I can't, I'm on the vinegar strokes and this yop has got to fly!
by Sir Cliterati January 25, 2011
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