The bane of all envious boyfriends & frustrated actors who are now movie critics, who couldnt make it in show businessw/ hair.
Of a jealous boyfriend: I hate Vin Diesel;he can't act;he's ugly;he's gay ladies so stop swooning over him.
Of a frustrated critic: I hate Vin Diesel;he can't act;he's ugly;he's gay;his carer is finished.
They are all secretly thinking: why does he have to be a handsome muscular guy who can act & is sensitive & can be tough & can be funny? why can't be like Steve Seagal instead who's no threat to us?
by Girl Critic April 14, 2005
Sexy and Gorgeous stud who can kick the above persons ass.
by vins chicklette September 2, 2003
One who's head looks like a grapefruit, with a slightly smaller grapefruit for a nose.
Wow, that really ugly bald guy looks like vin diesel.

Dude, there's a vin diesel here, we should leave
by scott douglas December 5, 2003
a guy who couldn't act his way out of a wet paper sack
The only reason Vin Diesel keeps getting movie roles is because his chiseled physique makes teenage girls wet!
by Silky Smooth October 29, 2003