Ruben Sierra. Ruben was great for confrontations with his managers, and was labeled by Tony LaRussa as "the village idiot" after Sierra told LaRussa (at the time the A's GM) that he (LaRussa) did understand baseball because he had never played it himself. The Village Idiot (Sierra) was later branded by Joe Torre (over rated Yankee's coach) as the only player not to understand the team concept.
Sierra: "Hey, LaRussa, you don't know sh*t about baseball."
LaRussa: "Sit your ass down and inject McGwire with those steroids, village idiot."
Sierra: "Yes, Sir."
LaRussa: "And hey, dumbass, you sure do keep some big gold."
by Crack O Da Ass February 08, 2005
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Another name for a penis, because it can make you do stupid shit.
"Man, last night I fucked a fatty because I was thinking with the Village Idiot."
by wesley scudworth January 06, 2006
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<Homer> Stupid grill! Why won't you light? The gas is on full-blast!
<Bart> You better stick your head in and see what's going on.
<Homer> Good idea!
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 09, 2003
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One who tries to live in the modern world and make use of technology, but is still basically stupid or ignorant; or one who is colossally stupid, ignorant on grand scale, a sort of überidiot, perhaps the very stupidest person in the world. Formed by combining the term global village with village idiot.
Did you see the way that Richard used his digital camera to take a picture of his computer screen so that he could make a hard copy of the report he wrote? What a global village idiot.
by ntvnykr October 06, 2006
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Dude 1: Gee, this Trump guy is the village idiot of the world. He really

makes me miss George W.Bush
Dude 2: Let's smoke some pot
by HeddyHo August 12, 2017
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