A nickname for Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, the shockingly ignorant wacka-wacka gun-nut who has mysteriously surfaced during the last election, much like a turd, in the House of Representatives.
The Villages Idiot has already been invited to this exclusive gated community in Florida to whine insipidly about the unspeakably unfair abuse of the Capitol Insurrectionists’ Constitutional rights and her support of killing Democratic members of the House and Senate while her racist throng is especially excited by the idea of Nancy Pelosi’s head on a stake!
by Dr Bunnygirl May 18, 2021
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1. "Some little village in Texas is missing it's idiot." (taken from other source)
2. You are the village idiot
by Brookey cookey September 24, 2005
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Prior to the Industrial revolution, before swarms of people migrated from Small towns, villages, and farming hamlets to large industrial cities and Metropolises, the populations people were around all the time (their community) were so small, that if one person within that community was feeble of mind, they were designated the village idiot.

Think Adrien Brody's character in M. Night Shyamalan's "the Village" (2004)

"Idiot" was a category in the U.S. Census back during the 19th Century which refered to mental retardation.
In the episode of Ren and Stimpy "Magical Golden Singing Cheeses" (Air date: November 11th, 1994) Stimpleton comes across the Man Eating Village Idiot, owner of the (see title). The Village Idiot agrees to the trade, but threatens that unless Stimpleton can prove his stupidity in a "battle of witlessness" he will eat Stimpleton.
To make a long and greusome story short, Stimpleton wins the contest, leaving the Man Eating Village Idiot dead from his own stupidity.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 November 02, 2006
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Cheney: Hey Dubya, Crawford called and said they want their village idiot back.
Bush: ...terrorists!
by Duayna December 29, 2007
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the most stupid and or ignorant person in a town. also see george bush or republican
George W. Bush or other very stupid people, village idiot
by jzsdfhlskaj January 11, 2006
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