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The concept that physical space (3 dimensions) and all extant physical and metaphysical dimensions are manifestations of an infinitely recursive duality of linear and cyclical time in which cyclical time is itself understood to be a duality of linear and cyclical time. Implies that the maximum number of dimensions (physical and metaphysical) is infinity^2. Implies that all information in the physical and metaphysical realm can be expressed (united) as an expression of time and that linear time (acting within three physical dimensions) is an illusion created by cyclical time. Implies that all design is an illusion, except for an infinitely recursive duality. Implication of the Vikaasian paradox.
Vikaasian space unites all physical and metaphysical dimensions, indicates that the metaphysical is just as "real" as the physical, and posits design as an illusion.
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by kvikaas June 17, 2017
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