A war which America chose to lose.
We had the upperhand in the Vietnam War until we pulled out due to the massive anti-war movement in the United States.
by vproctor December 11, 2006
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A war in which ignorant hippies in the USA as well as the usual ignorant foreigners and communist supporters around the world helped lower the morale of the brave soldiers who were fighting in Vietnam against communists and called them baby killers among other things when the soldiers who were over there had seen and gone through more than any one of those cowards would ever see in their pathetic lives. And then after the communist supporters got their way the North Vietnamese as well as Pol Pot and the Cambodian communists went on to kill 3 million people in both countries (including many women and children that the cowards dispised the American soldiers for supposedly killing earlier in the war) the rest of which were put into slave labor camps in Cambodia. Of course the communist supporters ignored the genocide after the war because of their cowardice and ignorance.
Most hippies and communist compare the Vietnam War with the War on Terrorism. It looks like they are still just as ignorant now as they were 30 years ago.
by tbkkeg October 09, 2005
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Well, ill start with the Domino Theory. I said that when south vietnam would be conquered, the communism would spread. this was the basis of fighting the war.
I dont feel like going through all of the statistics and stuff, but we basically won militarily. The vietcong was practically annihilated. The North Vietnamese army was crippled. Our estimations of enemy death tolls (the media said were too high) were actually too low. we killed many more.
Effects of war: basically a "warning" so that the domino effect would not occur we may have not turned it around, but we sure as hell stopped it.
the vietnam war was fairly simple, and would have been easily a stunning victory if it had been continued for five more minutes. it was so successful anyway, thanks to G. Warren Nutter, Assistant Secretary of War of foreign affairs. he basically ran the war. --also my grandpa

communism before war--
--- why it seems we lost but....
communism if we didnt fight, the year the war did end -----
--- if we kept fighting -

if you dont get that diagram, dont try to figure it out. its kinda pointless.
by Urban Dictionary May 25, 2005
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-A good war that was justly fought and justly started. America was right for so-called by dumbass hippies "sticking its nose where it shouldnt have been". America did lose the war but only because a lot of the troops in the war were not motivated and all the media and politics were against the war and troops because they couldn't stand a good war that was started for the cause of justice.

I'm sorry Jane Fonda and John Kerry and others like you for offending you...maybe you should go to a different country if you don't care about America as much as you say you do. :) GOOD RIDANCE ONCE YOU DO LEAVE.
The Vietnam war was a good war, even though dumb hippies couldn't accept justice in their dictionary, the war was a good start to having a more safer world.
by ndh777 September 09, 2007
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