Names the 4th best place to live in the country, also in the richest county (fairfax county) in the country, you can imagine how rich people are. The cops fucking suck and spend their time pulling over madison kids because they have nothing else to do. Madison is the town's school, vienna inn the the best restaurant ever (especially for a hangover), wendys is the spot to be if nothing is going on, dont drive on 123 past 11:30, town curfew for minors is 12 its fucking gay, 5 minutes from the new and improved tysons corner (what a bitch) biggest mall on the east coast, all i can say is more fucking traffic, SUPERNOVA biatches
-"why was i pulled over officer"
-"how old are you?"
-"you're out passed curfew, call your parents"
that is vienna, virginia cops for you
by madstudent October 27, 2005
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Gay ass town with nothing to do in it cuz the rich people make it fucking suck and the cops are horrible cuz since nothing exciting happens there are like 50 cop cars for like 2 people being out past curfue the rich old people who live in vienna are douches and make it worse becuse they give the kids drity looks like their scum when their the scum bags who fucking make it like this im mean there are like 30 banks one after another down 123 if they put something in those spots that are actually useful then maybe they could get a fucking life and honestly the stuck up old people only care about how nice vienna is and so they call the cops on the kids who are just sitting on the strip and not bothering any one
Vienna, Virginia and its rich old people,

Old people "hey, you kids why dont you go get a job and stop making our town look so crappy"
Kids "what dont you just go on with your lifes and spend your money"
Old people "We live in the 4 best town on the east coast"
Kids "yea says the people that DONT LIVE HEAR"
Old people "it wouldnt be so bad if kids like you with their cig. would stop coming around"
Kid "no it wouldnt be so bad if the stuck up old people like you would stop bothering us and worrying about how good you look to the others in the world"
Old people " calling the cops"
Kids "yea yea thats what i thought go fuck yourself and tell the cops I would love to see them for the 2nd time today"
by you heard it hear folks August 31, 2006
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