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A Place Where Many Nice People Come Together.But Theres Secrets That Go Around The School. Worst Seems To Come From Drama.Most Of The Drama Comes From The Girls.
Me: Not Agian!
Other:Yep,Always Happens At Victory Christian School!
by Imsuperawesome April 21, 2011
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A school dedicated for the education of Christian values. They center their education around the bible; the staff's mild sexism, covert racism, and blatant homophobic attitudes will truly make you feel right at home.
And even though the school is in a poor area, I can't think of a single time that there has been any outreach to struggling families. In fact, they dedicate most of their money to contribute to the impressive church, and haven't bothered to update any of the student facilities since 1994.

And they tried to cover up a girl getting raped by a janitor.
"I love how the bathrooms smell at Victory Christian School, and I've always felt respected by their staff."
"Haha, wait, are you being serious?"
by Iwassuicidalbeforeitwasironic February 02, 2019
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