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the shit stain on the wonderful tapestry that is the state of Texas
One day, god set out to create one of the most beautiful things in the world. He decided he would call it "Texas". He painted rolling hills, golden plains, and beautiful deserts on Texas. He created the great cities known as Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin. He gave Texas waterways brimming with fish. The people of Texas saw this, and thanked him for it... and then god's dog walked onto Texas and took a shit in a spot between Houston and Corpus Christi. God grabbed the ol' Pooper Scooper and cleaned it up, but the stain remained. This stain would later become known as the town of Victoria, TX.
by c deez nuts July 01, 2010
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The most boring place to be in Texas. The adults are all conservative Paultards and all the kids are on a sundry assortment of drugs. This town boasts a large number of both wangstas and shit-kickers. There is a street that goes on for at least 3 miles with nothing but churches, because everyone there loves God and hates fags.

Victoria is like a black hole of souls, because once you realize the dull monotony of living here your soul gets sucked into a portal.

The fortunate Victorians either die in drunk driving accidents or leave never to return.
Yeah man, I got out of Victoria, TX as soon as I can, but I'm now seeking the help of a therapist because the shithold completely annihilated my sense of well-being.
by nbakuchev June 07, 2010
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