Victor seems like a genuinely great guy but in reality he is a manipulative narcissist who only cares about himself. He is not someone to trust with your heart, because he will take advantage of any kindness given to him. He will play the victim to belittle the hurt he has caused someone else.
Victor gaslits me when I try to tell him how I am feeling.
by lesmiserables16 June 08, 2021
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A french girl that looks like a midget and gets penetrated by transexuals
by Swag boy123456 December 12, 2016
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Victor's mad thicc. He is smart af and HANDSOME if u know what I mean ;) He is a good listener and a good friend who everyone wants to be friends with. He would buy you food whenever u r hungry. He is kinda annoying sometimes tho. You can't be mad at him for long. Victor is a good boy, very very polite. He is a real gentleman and a loyal lover. Did I mention that he is thicc aSS hell. He is a sports guy and I mean not only physical but also psychological sports. He is soft and caring too. Always by your side ;)
E: Did you see that boy over there? He is from my Math class, he is very smart.
I: He is very polite too.
A: Yeah. That's a VICTOR right there.
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by eychii September 23, 2019
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A sexy guy with a smoking hot body and huge dick (8 inches+). If a Victor doesn't like you, you might as well be dead to him because he's not gonna give a single flying fuck. He also loved dating blond girls with blue eyes. He is very good at sports especially rugby. He acts gay but is the last person to be gay because he is to straight to be gay. He is very good in bed and over all just fucking hot. He's like a Zac Efron with a big dick.
Omg Victor you are so hot.
He's name says everything.
by Big vic June 26, 2021
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Victor is the bruh
person: "hey who's Victor?
Victor: "I am the bruh"
by thΓ© bruh October 23, 2019
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