Slang for Mexican Vasectomy, the act in which ones testicles are melted via blow torch to the point of where reproducing is impossible.
“So I came inside this girl last night man!”
“Woah be careful you don’t want to get a girl pregnant man”
Nah dude its good, I'm sterile due to a Vex Mex a few years ago”
by Swaggert McYolo September 13, 2019
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the most hottest, sweetest, and most eye watering (in a good way) person in the world. my bb. too bad they are already taken L LOOSER LMAO GET A LIFE :laugh_emoji:
Bro, did you see vex's gf? Lee is completely out of his leage dude.
by vexipants December 29, 2021
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Yigs: I'm so vexxed right now, I entered 28 raffles g, 28 raffles yeah, I didn't even win a single one g
by 28rafflesg June 15, 2021
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A person that a friend of a YouTuber tank fish . A moderator on two of his severs
Guy 1: have you heard about tank fish
Guy 2: yes
Guy 2: he has a friend named ultimate vex
by Nekon_Neko July 05, 2021
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