It isn't Greek; it's Latin. Veritas et Aeuqtias - Verity and Equity - Truth and Justice.
by Polyglot June 23, 2005
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Made popular by the tattoos sported by the heroic brothers in Boondock Saints the "Phrase Veritas Aequitas is not actually a phrase but rather two seperate words.

Veritas = VAIR-ee-taws
Aequitas = EK-wee-taws

Veritas: truth
Aequitas: justice, fairness
I just got Veritas Aequitas tattooed on my arms like the guys from Boondock Saints. their uber chill
by imandrew March 21, 2009
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It is quite possible that the words veritas and aequitas come from the Latin version of Isaiah 59:14 "et conversum est retrorsum iudicium et iustitia longe stetit quia corruit in platea veritas et aequitas non potuit ingredi" -- which translates to the King James version as "And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter."
Veritas Aequitas

Truth and equity
equity meaning justice
by casper696969 May 27, 2011
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Literally: "Truth and Justice and a ton of sex," and refers to people whose Drive and Passion for the pursuit of Truth and Justice turns into really great passionate hot driven sex when they meet another person with the same drive. In other words when two Veritosexuals (people turned on by a sense of Truth/Justice in the other) meet then there is a distinct chance that their Passionate sense of Veritias and Aequitas will lead to passionate epic sex, Perfututas! Often happens with activists and public defenders.
Q. Hey Wild Man, how was your date with that public defender detective last weekend?
A. My goodness, it soooo went Veritas et Aequitas et Perfututas so quickly, its like instantly we had total trust for each other, and we were fucking all night all weekend!
by urban acharya August 3, 2018
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