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Sexual act which takes place on a water bed where the female is in a cowgirl position astride her partner whilst stroking another standing male beside them in a back and forth rowing motion while singing "That's Amoré"

Origins: c.14-16th century Renaissance Venice. Venetian gondoliers often asked courtesans to perform this act in order to live out their gondola fetishes
Federico: Hey Enzo, do you hear singing?
Enzo: Sounds like "That's Amoré", no?
Federico: Rosa must be having another Venetian Gondola ride
by brainfreeze522 May 19, 2010
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A turn of phrase used to describe what flat mates get up to get the banter started. Where one gay (the rower) wanks his even gayer mate (the gondola) off. Like 'skiing' but involves two people not three.
"Where have them two gone?"
"dunno. Probably back to theirs to play the Ventetian gondola"

"Oi mate! Go and play with your Venetian gondola. He looks all lonely over there on his own, you batty! Ciao!"
by Chairman Mao's alter ego January 16, 2012
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