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// ch'eezy '' v'ag;// The act of inserting an 8"x4" block of frozen premium grade Velveta cheese into the womens' ass while in the reverse cowgirl sexual position.

a: A process of making macoroni and cheese; combining the ingredients of 2 cups of milk and then 4 tsp. of Velveta cheese in your mouth. While ingesting the ingredients proceed to boil the noodles in a pot. Once macroni noodles reached right texture, strain water into sink. In bowl place the recently strained noodles. Then relieve the recently ingested ingredients upon the noodles through your ass.
"Jenny wanted to incorporate fruit an vegitables in our sex, until she recieved the velveta surprise."

"Damn kids broke my recliner, looks like were having Velveta Suprise for lunch."
by Jizzake Blue Balls January 14, 2012
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