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An Australian term to define a homosexual; Puts a rose on every cheek ;)
John: "Wow, did you see that guy?! What a Vegemite Driller."
Sam: "Yeah, Word, He Drills the Vegemite BIG TIME".
by Urban Dictionary March 23, 2007
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Vegemite is an Australian delicacy which is very dark brown in colour and of viscose consistency, it is somewhat reminiscent of fecal matter.
A mans anus is choc-full of fecal matter, which is somewhat reminiscent of Vegemite; ergo, etc...i

Anal sex between men establishes a pumping motion, reminiscent of drilling.

Therefore, it is logical that the act of anal sex between two consenting men of (or exceeding) the age of consent be referred to as Vegemite Drilling and the men themselves be named Vegemite Drillers.
Those two Vegemite Drillers will be drilling for Vegemite until someone ruptures a sphincter.
by fat.cunt.with.a.tiny.cock April 26, 2015
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Anyone who uses their cock to drill for Vegemite in someone else's ass.
Aye Yo! Andy Karpiel is a vegemite driller.
by Diego October 02, 2003
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