The act of ejaculating into a white or yellow napkin and forcing a friend or lover to eat it.
I gave Katie my Vanilla Wafer and she loved it!
by Brendan Buss February 9, 2009
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a game played by three or more penised individuals. the individuals gather in a circle, placing a cookie in the center of the circle. at the count of three, all players masturbate violently, the purpose being to ejaculate on the cookie. the last player/player that fails to ejaculate on the cookie must eat the cookie whole.
"yo my niggas, let's play some motherfuckin vanilla wafers in this bitch!"
by yssupnalyd September 2, 2011
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Someone who is not kinky/prefers regular sex.
"My friend Swag doesn't have any kinks, he's a vanilla wafer."
by sumauds April 10, 2021
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1. Any female who only dates white guys, but is not white themselves.
1. Guy 1: Have you seen Lashawndra? She’s went home with Jake, Sam, Brad, and Brett in the same week but won’t give Jerome the light of day
Guy 2: Didn’t you know? She’s a vanilla wafer chaser man, good luck trying to date her if you’re not white.
by Lookatdatime January 19, 2018
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