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Van Nuys is a place inside of the city of Los Angeles. This is where you will find many Mexicans. These Mexicans are usually gang bangers. Dont go there by yourself, or youll get shot. There always some snotty white people, who think they are better than everyone else, and dont think theyll get shot. WRONG. Plus, you have the random black people in their apartments yelling at each other. If you move here, your daughter will be a hoe, and be pregnant by the age of 14. Your son will be a gang banger, making kids left and right. Have a nice time in Van Nuys, CA. (:
Oh hell naw! I ain't going to Van Nuys! I'm not tryna be shot, guuuuuuuuuuurl!
by TruthSpeakererer. March 07, 2011
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Van Nuys is the home of the porn industry. If you visit Van Nuys you are sure to be close to some place where some porno is shot.
Man, check out that bitch, she is so hot, bet she makes films in Van Nuys.
by Evan Freeh February 19, 2018
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A city in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Also a place where a bunch of bitch ass mexicans live. (also all mexicans are tiny dick'd jealous lazy immigrants) A filthy dirty city where mostly mexicans live and talk hard in private but yet get punked on quite a regular basis by the few whites that live there. There are a number of blacks that live in the city limits as well but most are unemployed and unintelligent and usually addicted to crack and getting that monthly welfare check on time.There is a city library and courthouse next to each other. You can tell the difference by the people standing in line to get in each. There are usually alot of whites trying to check out books and better themselves while next door at the courthouse you can always find it filled with tons of mexicans and their disgusting women waiting in line to be put to justice for such things as selling illegal narcotics and beating their fat,nasty women within a inch of their lives because they are so upset with their lives because of their genetic predissposal to having very small penis's and shit for brains. Also there is a main BLVD running through downtown Van Nuys where there are alot of pawn shops and bail bond institutions due to the large number of crimes done by the filthy punk ass mexicans.
I have to go and donate some food at the Van Nuys food shelter because the dirty mexicans and niggers that live there can't provide for themselves.
by thatguy1980 November 04, 2011
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