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Vaginitis Silicosis is the scientific term for "Sand in the Vagina". A person who has sand in their vagina is typically someone who whines inconsequentially about anything and everything. They are pissed off by the slightest things and will whine and bitch at any given opportunity, much to the annoyance of everyone around them.

Someone who suffers from vaginitis silicosis is generally not fun to be around. They will ruin any good and fun occasion by finding something to bitch about.

It is important to note that one does not actually need to have a vagina to suffer from vaginitis silicosis; many males frequently display symptoms of this disorder despite the fact that they do not have an actual vagina.
Bob: Dude, Joey is bitching that we decided to go to an actual Mexican Restaurant instead of Taco Bell. He's whining about the price.
Rob: Clearly Joey suffers from an acute case of Vaginitis Silicosis.
Bob: Clearly.


Joey: Doctor, everyone keeps picking on me and also I went paintballing yesterday and I got shot a bunch of time and now it really hurts all over!!
Doctor: Well Joey, you're suffering from an acute case of Vaginitis Silicosis.
by Di5ideByZero November 02, 2010
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