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A term that describes a wide degree of personality change that afflicts an ordinary woman when she stays more than one day in Las Vegas. Symptoms include lust for alchohol, a perpetual state of undress and a state of "heat" that can only be likened to some of that wild humping we've all seen (and enjoyed) on those Nature shows on the Discovery Channel. The relaxed moral values and the ease of suggestability that a woman with Vacation Wife suffers from is why most men like to take their wives for a weekend trip there. It's like going on vacation with a whore. A bout of Vacation Wife strikes quickly and while not typically fatal, the recovery can be unpleasant (infections, vomit, chafing, dirty text messages, incriminating photos, topless photos, promises of marriage from random strangers, YouTube videos involving the bell boy and his friends - in extreme cases, patients emerge from the disease with an insatiable desire to return to the big easy and/or wear only two-piece bathing suits). In 2007, reports of Vacation Wife came in from other areas including Punta Cana and Lake Placid.
Vacation Wife plagued Jane so terribly that each time she and John went to Las Vegas, she couldn't figure out why John insisted on going every year.
by Nadia Lozinak Ver Gushen June 09, 2009
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