basically the most annoying bitches out there . with their dumbass “sksksk” and them thinking they’re really all that 💀 n cute . wears oversized clothes and think they’re thicc , constantly wears scrunchies , “save the turtles” , “sksksk” , and uses metal straws
person 1 : have you seen the new girl ?
person 2 : the really annoying and snobby one ?
person 1 : yeah .
person 2 : oh yeah she’s a vsco girl .
by josalyn ! October 30, 2019
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The LITERAL equivalent to a Bart Simpson edit.

LIKES: Hydroflask, turtles, metal straws, scrunchies, big ass shirts that make them look like they aren't wearing pants, messy buns, etc.
DISLIKES: People with plastic straws.....
VSCO girl 1: And I oop sksksksksksksksksksk
VSCO girl 2: Dhmu sksksksksk, save the turtles!!
Me: What the ACTUAL fuck? Even if you throw away my straw there's still a plastic cup.
by Thas_On_Jah September 01, 2019
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a vsco girl is a very aesthetically pleasing (extremely pretty) girl who edits all her instagram pictures with the vsco app with the filter C1. She will normally have a hydroflask, any type of chocker, fjallraven kanken, or a polaroid camera .
omg, her instagram is perfect. she’s such a vsco girl!”
by yeeyee gorl June 14, 2019
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a female who shows asthetic interests or is basic.
that girl is wearing scrunchies , and owns CarMax. she must be a vsco girl !
by nfndjdnsnndnekfjekfkdkff June 14, 2019
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The basic white girls of 2019. They tend to wear scrunchies, tube tops, oversized shirts, nike shorts, etc. Most of their clothes come from either a thrift store of urban outfitters. They claim to care about the environment but will buy from fast fashion. They ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS carry around a hydroflast with a bunch of stickers on it. They primarily use Twitter and Instagram. Most of their language consists of "anna oop", "tea", "sksksksksksksksk", etc.
Person: omg I can't believe Karen is one of those VSCO girls now, she used to be emo.
by sadvwooping August 13, 2019
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A girl who says, " and I oop." also says, "Sksksksk." Wears a scrunchy and has a hydro flask along with a apple watch.
Person 1 Are you a vsco girl?
Person 2 Yes, sksksk, why? And I oop.
by BOOspookyTIME October 22, 2019
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