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A male who doesnt know how to treat a girl properly.

He always tends to:
-Get you to fall in love with him
-Say the right things when you're upset
-Talk about horny shit to you

Around his friends/your mutual friends he tends to:
-Ignore you
-Make it seem like you are invisible to him
-Makes it seem like you are unimportant to him
-Puts you down
-Says that you are uncool

These males usually go after the girls they know that like them and they talke all advantage of that they cannot controll themselves around these guys cuz they cant help but likeing them.

But all he really want is sex!
Girl: *Text* I cant keep this in for much longer... Can I tell u something? But u have to promise you wont let it affect our relationship!

Guy: I Promise!

Girl: I like you! I have liked you for a long time!

Guy: Oh im sorry, I don't feel the same way.

*Few Weeks Later*

(Making Sexual comments to girl. Examples: Your boobs look great in that shirt)


(Guy tries to pressure girl into sexual intimacy. Examples: BJ's, HJ's, For him to suck on Breasts)

*Then The Girl thinks he is a Using Player but doesn't know what to do!*
by DrammaQueenGirl12 April 26, 2011
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